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Ite Ad Joseph

Blessed Joseph, I rejoice that God has made thee so great and so worthy of my love and confidence. I desire to employ my whole life in loving thee and honoring thee; and, when hands will fail me for laboring to promote thy glory, and voice for publishing thy wonders, I will continue to employ the remnant of my life and my heart’s motion, in wishing that thy name be continually on the lips of thy children, that present and future generations narrate thy grandeur, and that wherever the glory of Jesus and of Mary will be announced, the good offices that thou didst render them be published, with the favors that thou didst lavish upon them, the power that thou didst receive from them, and the sublimity of the glory to which they have raised thee in Heaven. Amen.

(Twenty-third day, Month of St. Joseph for the Children of Mary)

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Month of St.Joseph

For The Children Of Mary

In the Catholic liturgical year, March is traditionally known as the Month of St. Joseph. This little gem of a book is a thirty-one day devotion to St. Joseph during this month. Originally intended for March, it is a blessing for every month of the year. Each day of Month of St. Joseph includes a devotional for the day, examples of intercessions by St. Joseph in the lives of people, a recommended practice for the day, and a short aspirational prayer. First published in 1888, this revised version, with mostly spelling and grammar corrections, remains faithful to the original text. Awaken your devotion to this great saint with this Month of St. Joseph.

To Honor
Saint Joseph

This devotional to St. Joseph includes unique illustrations, beautifully restored and brought back to life, accompanied by traditionally beloved prayers, novenas, and hymns, including the St. Joseph Litany and meditation on his Glorious Seven Sorrows and Joys.

Also included is the chapter entitled "Saint Joseph" from the book "Our Father: Meditations on the Lord's Prayer" by Fr. Richard F. Clarke, S.J.


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